FDR signing the 1935 SS Act (click image for person key)

Social Security Annual Reports

The links for 2001-2010 go to pages at the Bruce Web that in turn allow access to HTML versions of the Reports
2010 Report
2009 Report
2008 Report
2007 Report
2006 Report
2005 Report
2004 Report
2003 Report
2002 Report
2001 Report
In March 2006 the Social Security Administration took down the HTML versions of the 1997-2000 Reports leaving readers to rely on the PDFs. The whys and wherefores of this remain mysterious. In any event the following links are to the PDFs from the SSA.gov website.
2000 Report
1999 Report
1998 Report
1997 Report
1995 and 1996 are available in HTML
1996 Report
1995 Report
Reports from 1942 to 1994 are available in PDF from the following page
1942-1994 Reports