FDR signing the 1935 SS Act (click image for person key)

Saturday, May 31, 2014

2014 Social Security Trustees Report is Just Around the Corner

And about time, because under the statute if is due "no later than April 1". But I am told on good authority that it will be out this week or maybe next. But eventually.

So I am setting up a new resource at a Google Page attached to this account which has the URL:

It is underdeveloped right now but does have links to two different Public Folders on the Social Security Defender Google Drive. One of which will be the repository for a whole series of Excel spreadsheets containing the various Tables of the 2014 Report extracted from the PDF and HTML versions released by the Office of the Actuary. Already there is a sample there of a single Excel Workbook with five Worksheets containing five different Tables from the 2013 Report.

While the files should be read only, there should be no limit on them being imported or copied into your own Excel spreadsheet or for that matter Google Sheets or Apple Numbers. If anyone actually stumbles accross this message and tries it and for some reason it doesn't work feel free to e-mail me at the contact e-mail on the linked page.

Hopefully I will be populating the Google Drive folders and so the Google+ Page with new material soon after the Report release.