FDR signing the 1935 SS Act (click image for person key)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New(?) and Improved(???) Social Security Defender Blog

Well I am going to try to build out the Social Security Defender account to integrate some of the new possibilities for sharing info on the defense. But first the components.

socsec.defender@gmail.com is the underlying Google Account and the main e-mail for all things Social Security by account/blog owner/admin Bruce Webb

Like all G-mail accounts there is an associated Google Drive cloud storage. And a Google+ site. But also I set up a SocialSecurityDefenders Google Group. Along with this Social Security Defenders blog. And in principal all of this can be combined and cross authorized with varying levels of permissions. But all of that is devilishly difficult to coordinate.

My inclination is to use the SocialSecurityDefenders Group to grant the fullest access to the account Google Drive and to use a subset of that as Editors of the Social Security Defenders blog.

Presumedly all Group members would also be in a Circle on the Google+. And then both the Google Drive and the Google+ site would have some parts and folders shared with the Public.

But getting everyone in at the right level might mean some getting unwanted e-mail traffic and others getting the equivalent of an 'un-friending' So apologies in advance as things get sorted out.

Bruce, aka Social Security Defender